Why face your pile?

* Eliminate pile undermining

* Reduce spoilage  

* Reduce shrink (dry matter loss)
* Blend forage before the feed mixer
* Breaks up large chunks
* Remove only what is needed for that day
* Seal out oxygen

Why choose the Easyrake?

*Face all the way to the ground not half way

* Not having hydraulic hoses to hook up saves you 2,920 times in and out of loader cab each year- 4 trips up and down for each feeding 

* Many operators pull tires off the top of bunker with Easy Rake

* Can cut through plastic- reducing the need to work near the silage cliff

* Producers love using them

* Can reach heights up to 40'

* Safe and maintenance free
* Greatly reduces facing time
* Works great on any pile, bunker, bag
* Patented & Designed by dairymen 8 years of development
* Easy to ship and no assembly required
* No moving parts
* 1 year limited warranty

"I love it, I am able to drag tires within 2 feet from the edge of the pile off onto the ground.  Then I cut through the plastic with the rake- it eliminates the need to cut plastic and throw tires in the icy dangerous conditions." 

-Donald Fieber, South Dakota

"I use it every day.  It allows me to face the bottom of my bunker first. I sold the hydraulic facer. I didn't notice a difference in spoilage from the hydraulic feed face to the rake tracks- feed is packed well behind the face."

-Mike E., Illinois

"I've bought a lot of stuff for this dairy, and there is only one thing I would not part with.  The Easy Rake, we had a silage collapse on our payloader 2 times and now we are much safer and happier-best use of $ in a long time."

-Tom Dombrowski, Missouri

"Safety and wear and tear on equipment makes the Easy Rake worth it right there, not to mention less shrink- better quality of feed."

- Matt Strickland, California


"This Easy Rake works great, it saves feed."

-Andy Thorson, Minnesota


"We bought one for both dairy farms and our heifer facility." 

   - Chris Engelmann, Minnesota (Owns 3 Easy Rakes)


"The Easy Rake works good and I use it everyday."

   - Arjan Blok, Brookings, South Dakota (4th Year Easy Rake owner)

"We were repairing our hydraulic defacer weekly - we figure we had as much or more money in repairs, downtime and labor in six months than the Easy Rake silage facer costs.”

           - Trent Stoller, Van Erk Dairy, Ohio


“The Easy Rake silage facer is faster and easier to use than any of my previous facers.”

          - Cruz Mar Del Angel, West River Dairy, Minnesota


“It is so simple to attach and use.”

          - Nelson Faria, Dairy Owner/Manager, Texas


“There is less maintenance with the Easy Rake silage facer. It is stronger than other facers.”

          - Fermin Vidaurri, District 45 Dairy, Minnesota


“You can’t go wrong with such a simple design.”

          - James Ailsby, Northern Plains Dairy, Minnesota


“Wintertime was very hard on my other facers. Hydraulics were difficult to connect and parts broke. The Easy Rake silage facer is durable and can handle Minnesota’s harsh weather.”

          - Nico Guerrero, Riverview, Minnesota



“The more I use it, the more I like it.”

          - Doug Nohl, Nohl Farms, Minnesota